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LimeFx also offers partnership programs for institutional trading and for individuals who want to become introducing brokers (IB). For customer support reasons, the broker has opened representative offices in almost all major locations covering most of Europe and Asia. Don’t get me wrong – the registration was definitely not “difficult”, in any sense of the word. However, if there was one thing I could change about it, it would have to be the one-page format. For any beginner trader, it can seem very overwhelming, and they might opt out and pick another, simpler-looking exchange, instead.

They are going to depend on the cryptocurrency of your choice, but are likely to remain super-low, and mostly dependent on the blockchain. However, LimeFx lacks traditional filters and tools since it caters more to traders who do higher-volume trading. Based on the user experience, the following rating and reviews are provided. From Monday to Thursday, 9-6 pm EST is the available time for customer support, and on Friday, the timing is 9 am to 5 pm EST.

Obviously, LimeFx isn’t your standard cryptocurrency exchange – it has a separate section for an asset and security brokerage, and also a cryptocurrency exchange part, too! The platform, however, does prove to be a great alternative for anyone who’s interested in purchasing some crypto coins for themselves. CQG is another software that provides direct access to over 40 world exchanges and combines futures and options trading. Also, this platform operates for over 35 years and gained its truly reputable standing within the financial industry. LimeFx offers 5 trading platforms including market-leading MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, CQG, Sterling Trader Pro, and ROX trading platform.

Now, to finish off the review, let’s see just how difficult (or simple) the registration process to the site actually is, and how long it takes for you to be able to start trading crypto. If you’re just starting out with crypto, 5 coins might actually be just enough! This is especially true if you only want to concentrate on the main crypto assets on the market, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Since there are few decisive indicators of an effective and competent online broker, each broker is measured and examined through this yardstick. The set standard remains the same for the brokers so that there is no prejudice or bias while the evaluation process takes place. J2T CryptoExchange proves to be a great place to start investing, in general, since it offers a wide range of different assets for you to tinker with and, evidently, purchase. You can also create a demo account if you’re not still sure about the entire process, which will give you a chance to try out the platform at your own pace. With that being said, though, J2T CryptoExchange isn’t a typical crypto exchange – it’s an asset brokerage.

This simply means that the platform follows all of the necessary security and data protection guidelines, and that it is trusted in the aforementioned regions. The security of a cryptocurrency exchange (or, in this case – brokerage) is, undoubtedly, the most important aspect to look into when trying to decide whether or not a particular platform suits you. By extension, it also means that you’ll be able to track the market closely, and any time that you see a great opportunity to purchase some crypto coins, you’ll have the chance to do so, right from your phone! Naturally, though, this is true assuming that LimeFx supports that specific cryptocurrency (we’ll get to that in a minute). Being used for more than thirty-five decades in the financial industry, it has gained an excellent reputation and stands at a standard place in the trading platforms. & are websites under Medmonx Enterprises Private Limited. We are certified stock broker review & comparison website working with multiple partners. The second one gives protection to securities and the cash in the brokerage account up to $500000. Reduction in FORTS rate, Zero Commission, limefx Zero Rates in the MICEX market, etc. are beneficial deals that LimeFx offers. LimeFx offers bonuses today, which are available for individual submissions to the broker. No fee is leviable in building such an association, neither any action linked to ACH deposit, withdrawal, activation requires any fund.

Account Types

The commission fees are very low, and you’ll also be able to use the platform on all of your main devices (mobile, desktop, the web). In forex trading LimeFx claims to offer tight spreads from 0 pips just like any other reputable software. As narrow spreads minimize the difference between ask and bid prices, tight spreads are one thing major and minor any type of trader appreciates in any brokerage service. Generally, the customer reviews we came across were positive in nature. Overall, the clientage looked satisfied and happy with the services of this broker.

To be fair, that is likely because of the fact that J2T CryptoExchange isn’t primarily a cryptocurrency exchange, but rather a stock-and-other-asset brokerage. They’ve figured out all of the security and certification details a long time ago, and thus, offering fiat-crypto support was likely not an issue. That said, as far as the less-known exchanges and brokerages go, it’s actually still not that common to come across a platform that would offer fiat payment support. Yet again, though – while many user LimeFx reviews aren’t going to tell you this, the platform in question has support for this feature. MT4 and MT5 as market-leading platforms are available to install on PC, МАС, any mobile device, or tablets. The platforms provide advanced trading features with EAs allowed for all styles of automated traders, with Trading Central opportunities, Indicators, Signals, and Copy trading.

  • That’s simply the reason why, whilst looking at user LimeFx reviews or the reviews surrounding any other exchange, you should always pay extra-close attention to the security features that it offers.
  • You can trade various trading assets with the very broker, including currencies, stocks, metals, indices, options shares, and energies.
  • BitDegree Learning Hub aims to uncover, simplify & share Web3 & cryptocurrency education with the masses.
  • Even though the broker claims to provide instant withdrawal options to the customers, the customer’s reviews state otherwise.
  • Trading fees are defined by the instrument traders choose, and also may vary from one platform to another.

Admittedly, the registration process for LimeFx is rather cumbersome. Trading fees are defined by the instrument traders choose, and also may vary from one platform to another. Alike, trading futures or options through CQG will cost you $1.50 commission per side. LimeFx is a brokerage platform that is providing its services since the year 2007. With offerings of a wide range of trading instruments, LimeFx has made its name as a reputable broker in the financial market.

LimeFx Review

The users can contact customer support service in many ways, however, physical interactions are not catered to by this firm. The clients can use phone, email, or website dropbox to get in touch with the customer support staff of the broker. The account opening procedure is very fast and straightforward when it comes to the LimeFx brokerage platform. Anyone who wants to do live trading with this broker or wants to try the services through a demo account can do so quite conveniently. Along with this, a fee of $ 15 is also charged for inactive accounts per quarter. However, there are no added withdrawals or any other extra charges applied by this broker.

Withdrawal Options and Fees

Our review of LimeFx shows that it is a highly reputable broker with a wide variety of trading opportunities. The broker offers good average trading conditions suitable for both beginners and professionals. It also offers over 190 trading tools to its customers, as well their own trading platform, and four different account types. So, LimeFx is a good trading decision for those finding the conditions suitable for them. Roboforex is getting more popular day by day for providing effective trading services to their customers.

Is LimeFx a good cryptocurrency brokerage?

They require a holding period of five days before the availability of trading control is provided. However, higher ratios are available for professionals, thereby proving its efficiency and its status as a trusted trading platform. It offers market and limits orders on close, and the time duration can be set today or for extended hours.

Trading Instruments

Before making financial investment decisions, do consult your financial advisor. At this point in time, you should have developed a pretty good idea of what to expect out of the brokerage in question, and whether or not it will suit your own expectations. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, things are a tad bit different – crypto enthusiasts will be able to utilize a high-end, yet very simple exchange interface for all of their crypto trading wants and needs. Withdrawal fees vary by quite a bit, and usually depend on two separate factors – the exchange itself, and the blockchain of a specific cryptocurrency that you want to withdraw.

In addition to this, the review of our experts are not just based on their own analysis and research but the client’s feedback and reviews are also taken into consideration before forming any opinion. Hence, active traders and investors can rely on the information provided here with full confidence. At Asia Forex Mentor (AFM) Evaluation, we try to analyze various brokerage platforms that are operating in the financial markets. Each broker and its services are researched and assessed thoroughly to come to a conclusive opinion so that the traders and investors can make up their minds regarding their investments. User LimeFx reviews will tell you that the platform in question is surely among the better options as far as cryptocurrency purchases are concerned. While J2T doesn’t primarily deal in crypto assets, the brokerage has all of the necessary features that you would expect out of a high-end exchange, and should thus suit most users’ wants and needs.

MT4 and MT5 might be known to any trader, as they are the most used platforms in the industry especially loved for their great functionality and customer-friendly design. Also, they allow you to deploy a strategy of your choice, either manual or automatic through popular EAs. LimeFx is considered a reliable broker with good trading solutions. The broker offers a range of trading instruments to trade with competitive spreads and fees.

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